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We-Do-It-All Rodent Control Service

 Rats and Mice (Rodents): the most common vertebrate found in or around buildings. They have become a nuisance since they’ve got adapted to coexist with people destroying and contaminating practically everything they find in their path.
Rats and Mice are extremely intelligent, they have learned to recognize and avoid some control attempts.  Therefore, developing Control Strategies that focus the efforts in each specie’s habits, and population density is crucial.
Rodents might look alike but they are different, and it is their individual behavior. Mice, for example, do not move more than 30 feet from their nests and never trespass beyond this area; so, if bait is placed away from the “30 feet-perimeter”, it will have no effect if the mouse never travels near it.
What are the most common rodents to access our buildings? Norway and Roof rats also known as Black and Brown rats respectively.
These rats besides having quite noticeable physical differences and habits also differ in their food preferences, that is why, before selecting the proper control product and mode of treatment seek for the help of a Pest Control Professional which besides ensuring a Solution Guaranteed, will save you time, money and certainly the risk of achieving poor control and eventually even increasing the problem.
What signs could help you identify the specie?
1.   the urine droplets (seen with ultraviolet light only)
2.    the feces (pellets size)
3.    their trails
4.    the gnaw marks
5.    the type of food available
Once the specie has been identified, a Rodent Control Program enters in its First Phase: Estimating the Size of the Rodent Population, Complete rodent control cannot be achieved unless the population levels are managed and monitored effectively. All efforts though, most be tailored to the areas of greater and most recent activity by determining the following:
1.    the entry points
2.    water sources
3.    runs
4.    feeding areas
5.    Nesting sites
The Pest Slayer Corp. Approaches to Rodent Control Program:
1.   Exclusion
2.   Mechanical Control
3.   Chemical Control
4.   Sanitation.
With a Rodent Control Program most of the rodents die in the process, and sometimes in areas that are unreachable and the fact that they may create odors and eventually attract other insects and flies, The Pest Slayer Corp.’s Rodent Control Program, like no other company, is followed by a General Pest Control Service Treatment to ensure that dead rodents are left inaccessible to other pests.

The Pest Slayer Corp. guarantees the location of all entry points. Rodents must be excluded for multiple reasons but most importantly for the diseases the may cause to humans such as: Salmonellosis, Typhus and Leptospirosis. Rats have been even known to bite sleeping people which can result in Rat Bite Fever (RBF).
The Pest Slayer Corp. Exclusion Services consists on sealing and blocking all entry points with the most durable and sturdy materials precluding rodents from reopening the structure and accessing the buildings.
Sometimes lawn services are required to prevent the rodents’ access, in such cases, our company would certainly provide specific recommendations on the necessary trees, branches or vines to be trimmed and/or removed in order to eliminate the contact with building and that way break the passage to the structure.

Our Mechanical Method includes specialized & highly efficient mechanical or sticky traps used strictly for interior control. These traps are nontoxic and when the rodents are caught, our customer is entitled to call 24/7 for removal and disposal services at no extra cost.
The Chemical Method is better known as Bait Stations. This approach is for exterior use only. The Bait Stations are monitored and checked frequently and is the customer’s responsibility to ensure access to the Pest Control Technician to monitor the stations as needed since they must never stay empty.
Sanitation is the key method in preventing rodent buildup. All food and water sources that sustain the rodent populations must be eliminated.
For an effective rodent control, it is imminent to develop a well-structured Housekeeping Plan that includes but is not limited to the elimination of the materials that could be used for nesting or result in shelter and hiding places.
The Pest Slayer Corp.’s Cleaning & Sanitation Team, like no other company, provides free Individualized Sanitation Measures, Recommendations and Advisement.
Our Cleaning & Sanitation Team has been professionally trained in Massive Decontamination, General Household Cleaning and Housekeeping and with the immediate supervision of our Certified Operator whose specialization in this area of expertise has been proven through over a decade of experience and has resulted in a set of distinctive skills not found in other companies, will ensure your 100% Satisfaction and Pest Solution Guaranteed!
Call today! 786-768-0602 Send Rats and Mice AWAY!!!

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Free Inspection and Estimate

A free assessment is guarantee! Don't guess what's bugging you! Let us help you with a professional thoroughly inspection. It won't take long and you will end up knowing what is the scope of pest service your require to ensure the elimination of your problem. Just the call, you can afford!

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Commercial Services

Don't let pests damage your business' reputation! Our business can protect yours! We are available seven days a week to avoid the interruptions that could cost you money. We will ensure the most effective control with the smaller visual impact. Make it safe for your customers, your products and your employees, just give us a call and get your free quote!

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Residential Services

Your home: your investment! Your choice: to protect it! Don't Let Pests infest it and Termites eat it away! Let us ,the experts, ensure the safe and effective elimination of your pest problem. No Contracts, no Obligations! Our primary goal is to earn your business at every visit by giving you the quality of service and results you expect.

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Other Services

Affordable One-Time Treatments All-Pests-Covered Plans (Termites and Rodent Included) Certified & Guaranteed Termite Control Treatment (Pre-Construction & Preventative) All Bed Bug Control Treatments (Including Retreatment Protection Plan) Bee Removal Services (Protection-Extension Plan Option) Mosquito Control Treatment (All-Year-Round Maintenance Plan Option) Flees & Ticks Treatment (All-Year-Round Maintenance Plan Option)

Why Choose Us?

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1. FDACS Licensed & Insured 2. 24/7 Emergency Services & Scheduled Operations 3. Same-Day Free Inspections & Quotes 4. No Exclusions, All Pests are Covered! 5. Flexible Maintenance Plans & Affordable Fees 6. No Contracts or Obligations 7. Residential & Commercial Services (including Pre/Post Construction Preventative Termite Treatments) 8. 100% Solution Guaranteed or Your Money Back 9. All Services Approved and Supervised by a FDACS Certified Operator 10. State of the Arts Customer Portal and Payment Processing Computerized System

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Residential & Commercial Services

The Pest Slayer Corp. is available 7 days a week offering effective services at affordable prices. We have been servicing South Florida for over a decade ranking as one of the companies with the most reliable and affordable services in the market.

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Free Initial Inspection and Quotes

Get your property thoroughly inspected at no cost. Just get in touch! Call us at 786-768-0602! Set your Date and Time, WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE 24/7!

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Termite Control

Don't make a guess! The wrong assumption can cause a great loss. Don't get them confused! SUBTERRANEAN or DRYWOOD Termites? Just an expert can tell the DIFFERENCE. Our experience in this field of expertise translates into knowledge. We are committed to saving your investment by giving you the peace of mind through the best and most updated treatment available. We pride in providing a guaranteed treatment with the highest professionalism and effective service.

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Bed Bugs Treatment

OUR SERVICE PROMISE 24/7 On Call and Emergency Services. 786-768-0602 • LOCAL COMPANY! Exterminators arriving within the first two hours. • FREE INSPECTION and QUOTES. Immediate Removal of ALL visible Bed Bugs. • No exclusions, ALL existing Treatments at your fingertips. • Your needs, our priority, ALL Control and Fumigation Treatments Customizable to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. BED BUG TREATMENT OPTIONS: Eco Friendly/Nontoxic Treatment* Steam Treatment* Dry Heat Treatment* Chemical Treatment* You name it, we get it! Your Choice, Our Kit! 786-768-0602*** Extermination 100% Guaranteed in 1-4 services depending on Your Control Treatment Choice and/or Infestation Level.*** Mattresses/Box Springs Encasements included for ALL Treatments and treated bed. *** FREE Bed Bug Retreatment Protection Plan Should Bed Bugs return to any of the treated areas within 90 days from the end of the Initial Treatment.***

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Mosquito Treatment

Our Mosquito Treatment ensures a meticulous inspection for mosquitoes breeding sites and water standing areas to control harborage and larvae development. Monthly services ensure the efficacy of the treatment. Treatment must be applied in exterior areas only and means no harm to humans nor pets once completely dry.

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Rodent Control

Rats and Mice (Rodents): among the most common vertebrate found in or around buildings. They have become a nuisance and are troublesome once they have got adapted to coexist with people destroying and contaminating practically everything they find in their path. The difference between invertebrates and vertebrates is that vertebrates are larger organisms and more intelligent. Rats and Mice, have learned to recognize and avoid some control attempts. Therefore, it necessary to develop a Rodent Control strategy focusing the efforts in each particular specie, habits and population density, since the rodents might look alike but they are different and have their individual behaviors. After observing mice behavior for example, it has been concluded that they do not move more than 30 feet from their nests and never trespass beyond this area; so, if bait is placed away from the “30 feet-perimeter”, it will have no effect if the mouse never travels near it. The most common rodents to

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Cockroaches Infestation Intensive Treatment

American or German? We don't discriminate! 24/7 We've got the bait! One call, that's all! 786-768-0602. The Slayer provides the most reliable and professional services guaranteed. We are a local family own company servicing South Florida for over a decade; our Certified Operator prominent level of experience in the Pest Control Business has given us the expertise to ensure your total satisfaction. Residence or Business, it doesn't matter, just make a call! Get your free quote today! We have the service plan that fits your needs.

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Poem to The Slayer Rodent Control Service

Solution guaranteed at most during a month of service. Weekly Company Schedule Inspections. 24/7 On call service for monitoring, trap servicing and disposal services. The customer is free of resposibility, the Company does it all from beginning to end of service. Safe trap placement ensured by the company to avoid the extension of the problem to other areas of the building.

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